The Store Greeter

Granted, I could have found a cooler and more hip looking store greeter, however, he/she is worth their weight in GOLD.

Make no mistake about it, your Site Search bar is by far the most profitable. At a minimum, it should be providing you with an average of 8x more ECR (eCommerce Conversion Rate) than visits without site search. However, there is one little trick to this; it MUST BE VISIBLE.

Now, let’s break this down even further. Is mobile your biggest traffic source? If so (and it probably is), then what does your Site Search look like? Can I even see it? Is it hidden in the hamburger menu? Is it just a magnifying glass? Or does it blend in the white background? So, knowing how important it is to our revenue goal, we need more people to start using it.

Here is a little trick once you have it nice and visible. Do not just leave the microcopy with the boring old “search” text. Microcopy has the ability to influence your customers to click in the search bar and start typing what they see. For example, if you have a furniture store and your highest categories are bedroom and dining furniture, you’d want to have the microcopy as “search dining, bedroom furniture..and more”

Now, here is some MAGIC….shhhhh because this is a closely guarded secret. What if I told you that you could find a way to collect all the data and search terms of what your shoppers typed into the Search Bar? Can you imagine what you could do with that data? Use it to promote the products on social? Allocate it higher up on your home page? Create EDM’s focusing on those products? I mean, you now know what your shoppers are looking for specifically.

Contact me and I will show you how you can get to this pot of gold. It is literally 3 clicks away.

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