Spend $18 to Make $6,000

There are many ways to allocate your marketing spend, some of these are, Radio Ads, TV Ads, Print, or even take it to the local Casino find a roulette table, and put it all on Black, or Red, depending on how lucky you’re feeling. 


However, there is one sure way to get a massive return for every $ you spend, and unlike all of the above (with the exception of the roulette table) you can accurately measure the return on your investment. 


Google Ads has many different campaign types, and in this blog, I want to focus on “Brand Campaign”. There is much debate on why and if you should be utilising this specific camping, and with results like below I think it quashes all the debate points:

Cost: $18 

Revenue: $5,967

Conversion Rate: 21.62%


There are a few reasons as to why you should allocate some of your paid budget to this campaign, some of which are: 


  • Dominate the top spots on search engine page when customers are typing in your business name, especially on mobile.
  • Blocks competitors “bidding” on your brand and stealing away those clicks
  • Direct correlation to conversion rate growth 
  • Helps with strengthening your brand 


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Post by Jim Haritonas

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