How to increase your average basket size when you charge shipping

Yes, you read that title right. There are a few ways that you can grow your sales and increase your average basket size. 

In a report by BigCommerce, they asked what is the top priority when ordering online; pertaining to delivery. 71% answered “free delivery”, followed by 19% “fastest delivery”. 

In this scenario, we will look at how you can increase your average basket size in a simple way when you charge for shipping. 

You may have noticed on some eCommerce stores that charge a delivery fee when you are adding to cart and the cost of your order is below the threshold of the delivery charge, a pop up/message will appear with something along the lines of, “you are X away from qualifying for free delivery”. 

But how do you get your client to buy something else? Well, “would you like fries with that” comes to mind. A simple upsell that has been used for almost forever. The inclusion of “you may also like” or “Shoppers that bought this also bought that” message. This assists in guiding your clients to the upsell. 

Would love to hear how this worked for you. 

Happy upselling

Post by Jim Haritonas

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