The Turtle

September 23, 2021


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We would all agree that this is a cute Turtle, however, you DO NOT want it to be powering your eCommerce store.

Imagine this for a minute. You’re at your local supermarket store or even your favourite department store and you have taken your time to pick out exactly what you want and now walk towards the counter, only to realise that there is only one person at the register and there are 30 people in front of you.

Next door at the other supermarket/department store they have unlimited registers, so there is absolutely no waiting time. Guess where you will go? Well, it is much easier when you’re online to click the back button and go there.

Through research, we have identified that a quicker website not only increases revenue, but wait for it….it also increases the average order/basket size. Makes total sense right?

So, how do you make your website faster? There are many ways. Two easy and fast ways are 1) Make sure your images are optimised in terms of file size, especially if the majority of your customers are coming through mobile device. 2) Get rid of any plugins that are not used, and believe me I see so many sites with unused plugins. There are other ways of course which have huge impact, like being on a CDN (Content Delivery Network) however that requires a little more technical work to implement.

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