Site Search Beyond the positioning & more into the mechanics

By now you would have heard me beat the dream REALLY LOUD about the actual aesthetics and positioning of the Site Search bar. I have often said this is a gold mine in terms of revenue raising opportunities for your online store. However, as we all know, positioning is only one part of the mix. What about the functionality and the mechanics around this? 


How frustrating is it when, as a shopper, you type in the search bar something you are looking for and the results are not aligned with your intent? Taking it even further, how awesome would it be if your search not only delivered the product you wanted but all these other amazing and relative results that you may not even have thought about? 


As a retailer, how fantastic would it be to replicate your best salesperson’s unique selling and upselling capabilities into the mechanics of the site search? 


Well, the solution is out there, and, it is easier to implement than you thought. There are many 3rd party solutions that plug into your platform, be it Shopify, NETO, BigCommerce, etc. One of the best that I have come across which ticks all the boxes, as well as creating more “boxes” that as a retailer you may not have even thought of, is


Get in contact with us and I’ll walk you through to find this pot of gold! 

Post by Jim Haritonas

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