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Jim from Online Growth Consulting reached out to us when we needed help the most. Our small business & community had just been hit by the 2022 Lismore floods and we were desperately helpless. We had just lost our entire retail space & all of the stock that went along with it. Our beloved hi-fi store was gone. It alone made up 2/3 of our business revenue, and we were left with a fledgling online business as our only source of income.

We were already in conversations with Online Growth Consulting about using their services, but when disaster struck, we were no longer in a position to go ahead with the proposal. Within a day of the flood, Jim reached out to us, he reacted quickly & was incredibly generous during our time of need. He offered his services to us for free, with no strings attached.

Jim took the time to analyse our website in great detail. He made a 1hr video, walking us through the areas that he thought we could improve upon. Having a new set of eyes on our website really highlighted all the missed opportunities we were letting slip by. We took on his feedback and implemented the recommendations. Most of which were simple tweaks that cost nothing to do.

Since improving our UX, we have enjoyed a huge uptick in our organic conversion rate, which is up by 111% compared to the previous period & on top of that, the average basket size is up 23%.

MORE importantly, Jim was able to get us a massive uptick in Mobile conversions.
Which have gone from a conversion rate of 0.09% to 0.37%. That means from 9 transactions to 33.

If you are wanting to take your online store to that next step, we highly recommend Jim and his services. He is a great bloke with a generous and thoughtful approach to your business and its needs.

We can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us Jim. We wish you all the success, you are absolutely deserving.

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